Download Fotorus for PC or Windows 7/8 Computer

Friends now it’s a time of smartphones because it is equipped with many additional functionality with good quality camera to let us enjoy photography. The photos taken by our mobile camera needs enhancement due to low pixel value of these snaps & it can be done by using a appropriate photo editor. There are lots of editing tools available in market for mobiles but only few of them could be favorable among users. Today I’m sharing one of the best photo editor called Fotorus available free on Google play Store, Read this post to get download Fotorus for PC for free.

Fotorus is an amazing app which allows you to create gorgeous collage and edit pictures taken by your mobile camera to give an unique touch for making them memorable & to share with your family and friends.

Guys in this post first we’ll share how to install Fotorus on PC & then its features. This app is not officially available for PC or computer window but you can use an Android emulator app player like BlueStacks which is very famous among people to play android apps on PC.

Fotorus for PC

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How to Download Fotorus for PC

To get this app on PC, you need to download BlueStacks app player to enjoy Fotorus on large screen of your desktop. Below I’m going to mention all the steps to download Fotorus for PC, so, follow them properly.It is also to confirm that your PC has latest version of graphic drivers otherwise you may face problem during the process.

  1. First you have to download an Android emulator software called BlueStacks app player from the link given here.
  2. Install it like other software in your PC.
  3. Open BlueStacks and use search tool function to find Fotorus app. You’ll see it on the Google Play Store easily.
  4. As soon you find Fotorus app, install it by following the steps displayed on screen.

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Features of Fotorus for PC app

You should know all its features to understand what you can do with your pics using this application. Friends, Fotorus provides a simple way of creating amusing photo collage of your selected snaps. There are already over 50 million crazy users of this most powerful photo app, now it is your turn to join these photo enthusiasts. The multi functions of the app makes it one-stop best photo editor for the users. Its Pic-in-Pic, collage, pro edit & InstaMag features will fulfill your all requirements of getting awesome photos.

Download Fotorus for PC

You can create Pic-in-Pic photos with over 200+ tools already available in this app, Create magazine-style collages with the help of 100+ stylish templates/frames of this application to make your image wonderful.

If you are using low pixel camera then you can edit your photos to give them a professional looks. You can also Create frame collages with 60+ styles with this app.

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Dolphin Browser for PC Download on Windows 7/8/XP

App developers are working hard to provide many popular apps for us, web browsers are also one of them. As a result we are having large options to choose best one from these new web browsers as per our requirement. Out of all these new enteries, only few including Dolphin, could be popular and user friendly. If you are looking for Dolphin browser to run in your smartphone as well as in your windows OS then you are at right place to get simple & complete guide to get Dolphin Browser for PC download for Windows 7/8.

This browser has its special popularity among the internet users. It makes browsing easy with a way you want and a personalized home screen as per your expectations. There are lots of users searching Dolphin Browser for windows PC because they want to enjoy this experience on large screen also.

Guys officially Dolphin Browser is not available for PC but you can still use it on your windows or Mac devices by using a reliable android emulator app player called BlueStacks. It is one of the most popular app player to install & run Android apps on PC. There are large number of worldwide people using this software satisfactorily. So be ready to get Dolphin Browser for PC just by reading this easy & useful post.

Dolphin Browser for PC

Features of Dolphin Browser for PC

Friends first we’ll share features of Dolphin Browser so that you can understand why you should use it and after that we’ll move to the next step of download Dolphin Browser for Windows 7/8 PC.

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Due to its lightening fast speed it could defeat its competitors, it has over 80000k downloads which shows its popularity among internet users.There are many high rating reviews of its users on Google Play Store.

Here are the following key features of Dolphin –

You can create your personal gesture.
It has speech recognition feature for voice search on internet.
It has many optional Add-on for additional features like dolphin YouTube search, web to PDF, password manager, Alexa rank, bookmarks widget, reader etc.
WiFi broadcast to share links with Dolphin users
You can customize theme colors, wallpapers and skins according to your choice or requirements.
Web apps store for most popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia etc.

Dolphin Browser for PC Download

So friends i think after reading all these cool features of Dolphin Browser you are now really impressed and want to use it on your PC, so, now we are going to describe this process.

Dolphin Browser for PC Download for Windows 7/8/XP

These are the steps to get download Dolphin Browser for PC for free. You are to follow all the below given steps in the exact sequence.

  1. Download Android emulator software BlueStacks app player from this link
  2. Install it as like other software on your windows PC
  3. Open BlueStacks to find Dolphin Browser app by search tool
  4. As soon you locate it, download and install by following on-screen instructions.

That’s all about the steps you need to follow to get Dolphin Browser for PC download for free. Hope you like our post, if so then please share it with your friends online.

Deer Hunter 2014 for PC or Computer Windows 7/8 Download

Hello folks today I’m going to share with you an easy guide to download Deer Hunter 2014 for PC. You can also download Android APK file of Deer Hunter 2014 Game with the help of this post. So you are to get double benefit of knowing the process of downloading this interested game as well as its APK file.

Deer Hunter 2014 game is very popular game which is available on Google Play Store for free. If you have any Android device smartphone or tablet you can download this exciting game free. It is a hunting game, if you like wild life and hunting then this game is definitely for you guys.

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Deer Hunter 2014 APK for Android :

The game is very new entry in world of hunting games, As we told it is a hunting game so if you want to enjoy virtual  hunting then this game is definitely for you. In this game their are conditional shooting of animals for full excitement i.e. you are to target at particular body part within given time period. So get ready to be perfect shooter & get the highest score of the game.

Deer Hunter 2014 for PC

If you want to enjoy this wonderful game on your Android device then you can follow this link for its download to start unlimited fun of hunting.

The graphics, visuals and sound quality of this game are superb. If you love wild life then here is a good chance for you to explore it through Deer Hunter 2014 game. You will feel like wild animals are walking here and there around you, sound quality has real matching with background of the game.

Deer Hunter 2014 Game is not officially available for windows 7/8/XP PC or computer or MAC OS, but still you can play this game on large screen of PC with the help of Android emulator software BlueStacks, It’s genuine method & is adopted by lots of worldwide users to run Android apps on their PC.

Deer Hunter 2014 for PC Game Features :

Before going to downloading procedure first i wanna share feature of Deer Hunter 2014 Game.

1. In the first stage of the game you will be in Pacific Northwest and second stage will be in North Africa. In the first stage you will find lots of different animals like deer, bears and ducks etc. there are lots of variety of animal for you.

2. In this game there are different stages at various places North America’s Pacific Northwest, Central Africa etc. where you will find the world’s most exotic animals for hunting.

2. You will have different types of weapons like Assault Rifles, Rifles, Pistols and Shotguns to hunt animals in the forest . The upgrade option is also available so that you can get your best in hunting.

4. There are various variety of animals like Mule Deer, White tail deer, Grizzly, Wolverine etc for hunting.

5. You have to select best weapon to hunt a particular animal because it will play an important role for your success, you can select assault rifles, rifles, pistols, shotgun as per requirement.

download Deer Hunter 2014 for PC

If you own iOS then you can download this game from iTunes but you have to buy this game from there. To get for  Android device or to play it through BluStacks for free then follow below given steps.

Steps of Download Deer Hunter 2014 for PC

Guys now I’m gonna mention all the steps of downloading Deer Hunter 2014 game on PC. Be sure to follow all the steps exactly.

  1. The very first need to download Android emulator BlueStacks from this link
    After downloading BlueStacks from official website, install it in your PC as similar as you install other software.
  2. After installation run it by clicking on shortcut created on desktop screen and search for Deer Hunter 2014.
  3. When you click on search you’ll get list of apps on Google Play Store select Deer Hunter 2014 and click on install button.
  4. Once it get downloaded and installed run this game through “My Apps” folder and enjoy.

That’s all you need to do to get download Deer Hunter 2014 for PC. We hope you enjoyed reading of this tutorial, share it with your friends online on social media websites keep visiting

Dead Trigger 2 for PC Free Download (Windows 7/8) Computer

Hello folks have you already enjoyed Dead Trigger game and now want something more ? then you are at right place because in this post we are going to talk about its sequel i.e. Dead Trigger 2 game which is available on Google Play Store for free with many new additions to bring your game fun ahead. So friends here is an easy tutorial on how to get DEAD TRIGGER 2 for PC free download.

The game is available free with many new superb graphics, weapons and stages. Guys you can also enjoy this mobile game on Windows PC with enlarged vision of the desktop screen. Although there is no official availability of this for PC but still you can do this through Android emulator software like BlueStacks, Andy etc.


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About DEAD TRIGGER 2 game

Now I’m gonna mention features of DEAD TRIGGER 2 available on Google Play Store for free to Android smartphones and tablets. It has good rating and reviews by users who have played it.

The graphics of the game are very unique and of high quality or we can say superb graphics to provide wonderful look in high-end devices. Sound effects are perfectly matched with the theme to create reality in the game play.

This perfection of graphics , sounds & visuals make this game is very addictive. Its high ranking reviews show clearly about its high fame among users.

Game play is as follows : you are in a city under the control of zombies, so save your self from this panic situation with right strategy. You have different types of weapons in the game to kill the zombies. Zombies will do worst with you & even can bite to make you just like them so rescue from these cruel persons is the main goal you have in this game.

There are many stages in the game, to move in next stage you’ve to win in particular level and after that the new one will be unlocked for you. In new stages you’ll have more challenges and adventures.

The levels are very hard to win so you have to upgrade you weapons with the help of up gradation option . You can shot zombies at different parts of their body, suppose if you shoot them on Head then it will increase chances to kill them fast as well as to earn more points.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 for PC free Download

So friends this is the story of Dead Trigger-2 with very interesting game play which look something like reality that’s  why there are lots of worldwide people loving this game to play. As the closing part of this post i am providing you step by step very easy process of getting this awesome game for your PC/Laptop.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 for PC free Download

Follow these steps to download DEAD TRIGGER 2 for PC. All steps are simple and you won’t find any difficulty to complete this procedure.

  1. Download BlueStacks emulator software app player in your windows PC or MAC from the official link and then install it.
  2. Run BlueStacks and use its search tool to find DEAD TRIGGER 2 game.
  3. Once your find the game, click on install button.

That’s all in today’s story to play DEAD TRIGGER 2 on PC. We hope you liked it, have frequent visit to our website i.e. About PC Apps

Cut the Rope 2 for PC Download Windows 7/8 Computer

Cut the Rope is an addictive puzzle game available on Google Play Store for free for Android smartphones & tablets. It is developed by ZeptoLab a well known and Top Developer on the Store. It is the sequel of first version of Cut the Rope & has its special fame among game lovers. Its sequel is loaded with many new exciting challenges and will be definitely liked by you as its first version. Here I’m sharing Cut the Rope 2 for PC download tutorial which let you know how to download and play this game on your windows 7 and 8 computer or MAC OS.

It has millions of downloads, good rating of 4.3 at the time I’m writing this post and lots of positive reviews from the player of the game around the world, that’s enough to accept the popularity of the game.

Cut the Rope 2 for PC

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Features of Cut the Rope 2 for PC

Friends now let me tell you the features of Cut the Rope 2 Android game that you are going experience when you play this game in your device. In this new version you will enjoy many new awesome updates of characters & levels keeping intact your cute characters Om Nom & candy to give you fun that you never experience before.

There are tricky missions or challenges as puzzles and when you complete it you’ll earn medals and a way to unblock new special levels. You can play this game with your friends to challenge their highest scores.

Cut the Rope 2 has new superb graphics with perfectly matched wonderful sound quality. There are five new characters i.e. Roto, Blue, Boo, Lick & Toss to help you in completing the mission of each level.

You need to use physics phenomenon to complete puzzles and try to solve them as quickly as you can to get highest score and collection of stars. Take help of Map to find new locations of candy and then cut the rope to feed this candy to your cute little green monster.

The game was first released in December 2013 for iOS and now it is also available for Android devices. It is for free download and play but in-app purchase options allow you to buy additional game items if you want otherwise this feature can be set to unable in the settings of the game.

Cut the Rope 2 for PC Download

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Cut the Rope 2 for PC Download

After having the knowledge about features of Cut the Rope 2 game, now it’s time to share method of downloading this amazing game on your windows computer or MAC device. The guide is simple and easy to follow and i hope you won’t find any problem during installation. In case you find any error then repeat the process after updating graphic drivers of your PC for successful completion. So guys follow the below mentioned three steps.

  1. First download a supportive software called BlueStacks which is used by millions of worldwide users & available free from this given link and then install it similar to other software in your system.
  2. The next step is to find Cut the Rope 2 Android game, through search tool of BlueStacks.
  3. As soon you find the game click on it for installation.

That’s all you need to do for getting Cut the Rope 2 for PC Download. We hope you liked this post, share it with your friends online over social media websites, keep visiting on